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Create the perfect customizable gift with our three gift box size options.

Complete with a beautiful seasonal label. 


Example of possible gift box examples:


Small 6"x6"x3"

2oz Room Spray, 2oz Room Spray, 2oz Candle


2oz Botanical, 6oz Tin, 2oz Cleaner


Medium 8"x8"x4" 

16oz Bubble Bath, 10oz Candle

16oz Botanical, 16oz Glass Sprayer


Large 11"x8"x4"

16oz Body Wash, 16oz Bubble Bath, 16oz Salt

10oz Candle, 32oz Cleaner, 16oz Dish Soap

16oz Botanical, 32oz Spray Bottle, Candle


Need help designing you box? We would be happy to assist.

Please email us:

Add A Gift Box

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