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When Tae started making candles in her kitchen, 7 months pregnant with their second child back in 2019 she had no idea what the future would hold. Fast forward to today and AuraTae has grown into a global brand that is trusted and loved for natural and effective products for your home and body.


We believe that AuraTae is so much more than just the products we sell. Kindness and a conscious focus on equality and giving back is at the forefront of our work here. We pride ourselves on seeking out local ingredients, such as our lavender water from a woman owned farm in Yarrow, BC to our recycled packaging made by a family run business in Richmond, BC. Because, without community and small shop love, there is no AuraTae. 


Without you, our dream of crafting and selling healthy products would never be possible. For this we are forever grateful. We hope this space brings you joy and that you feel warm and welcomed, always.


AuraTae Team

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