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What are AURATAE candles made of?

AURATAE uses the highest quality 100% vegan soy wax. Richly fragranced with  cosmetic grade oils that are free from common toxic additives: Dioctyl Apidate, Isopropyl Myristate, parabens and phthalates. In addition to their clean burning nature, AURATAE includes genuine crystals in each of their candles and wicks made of 100% cotton. The glassware is a high-quality whiskey glass that is made in France.

What happens to the crystals once the candle is lit?

The crystals become one with the wax as the candle burns and do not affect the quality or burn time. Once the candle is completely burned, the crystals rest at the bottom and can easily be cleaned with soap and water to be kept in your collection. Because 100% soy wax is used, there is minimal leftover wax residue and the glass can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

What is the burn time for the signature 10oz AURATAE candle

The burn time is 60 hours and should be burned for a minimum of 2 hours each use to ensure quality of burn and to reduce the occurrence of tunneling. As with any candle you burn, the burn time should never exceed 4 hours at a time and should be monitored closely and be kept away from drafts, pets and a child’s reach.

What is your return policy?

We value our customers and should there be any dissatisfaction with our candles, please contact us directly and we will always make it right.

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