California White Sage and pink rose buds, wrapped with love and black hemp string. Enjoyed for cleansing and healing properties, keeping energies grounded and clear. Measurement is approx. 4". Photographed as 4 pieces for variation. Rose buds may vary in shades of pink. 

is used in smudging for healing. The smoke is used to bless and cleanse a space or person.

Smudge Sticks are beautiful as decor and when lit, purify the air of negative energies and induce an undeniable positive vibe ✌🏼 

The art of smudging has been practiced for thousands of years in various forms by indigenous cultures all around the world and is something that We personally love incorporating into our relaxation routine.

There is something SO grounding and pure about having these  smudge stick elements near.

White Sage + Rose Buds


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