Luxury Spray QUARTZ A calming blend of: Lavender•Ylang Ylang •Vanilla Quartz is Inspired by evening meditation and yoga practices. Quartz has been formulated to bring peace and awareness to your daily rituals. This is Quartz. The perfect addition to your car, bedside table, laundry room, kitchen and washroom Made with witch hazel and a signature blend of 100% essential oils, our luxury sprays are multipurpose and make the perfect room spray and refreshing body mist. Keep one in your car, purse, beside table, and washroom. The options are endless! Long lasting, safe and natural scent that will leave you wanting to mist all day. Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Proprietary Blend of 100% Essential Oils including Hemlock and Spruce. * For Mini: *Please note that due to COVID shortages, you may recieve Clear, Frosted, Blue or Amber coloured bottle

Quartz Luxury Spray


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