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Did you know?

ONE bottle of botanical concentrate makes up to x32 bottles of 32oz spray cleaner! Making it $1.50/per bottle.

What’s Included?


X1 16oz bottle of concentrate (that makes x8+ bottles of 32oz spray cleaner)

*clear or amber bottles


X1 Pre-labeled empty 32oz bottle (to make your cleaner in)


Finally a solution for deep cleaning and degreasing without toxicchemicals. Created using powerful botanical enzymes for extracleaning power.


Use safely on porous surfaces, fight grime buildup on floors, grout,toilet bowls, bathtubs and more.


Our botanical cleaning concentrate can be used directly on toughjobs (into toilet bowls, onto clothing/carpet stains or onto a spongefor scrubbing stuck on messes)


For a streak free shine on counters, glass, stainless, mirrors and more try our alcohol basedmultipurpose cleaner in several scent options.

Our botanical cleaning concentrate and original multipurpose cleaner are the only two cleaningproducts you'll ever need.

Botanical Cleaning Starter Duo

  • Turn into a spray cleaner for:

    wood • grout • enzyme cleaner for pet & people “organic” stains • tile & grout • oven interior • walls

    add to your mop bucket

    safe on all floors

    pump directly onto or into a sponge/dish wand for deep degreasing and cleaning power in the kitchen & bathroom

    pump directly

    into TOILET BOWL for bowl cleaner

    pump directly ontop clothing stains - use as a presoak

  • Ingredients: Decyl Glucoside (surfactant - coconut derived),
    Cocamidopropyl Betaine (surfactant - coconut derived), Coconut
    Castile, Proprietary Enzyme Concentrate (natural fast acting
    bacteria that digests organic matter), Sodium Gluconate (surfactant
    - sugar derived ), Sodium Carbonate (anionic surfactant - salt
    derived), Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier - coconut derived), Lemon
    Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil,
    Bergamot Essential Oil.

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