MOISTURIZE | HYDRATE | TONEWe have been formulating the most unique body moisturizer available. When you asked for a moisturizer I was hesitant because in all honesty, I actually HATE body lotion. It’s oily and greasy, takes forever to absorb and I just don’t have time for it!!! Being a busy mom and business owner, I literally DO NOT have time to lather myself with lotion or oil. Not only do I not have time, but my children are literal leeches and have their hands on me at all times. I am lucky if I get to have a bath alone these days!! The moment I’m out they are on me. I needed ONE product that would meet all of my needs:1) Made me smell like a goddess - not too scented, not too “out there”, just enough.2) Would moisturize my skin while locking in hydration but wouldn’t take forever to absorb, wasn’t oily and that I couldn’t “feel” on my skin With all of these things in mind, our spray moisturizer was formulated. SO what’s in it? Witch Hazel - A powerful antioxidant for the skin that helps tone, reduce razor burn and even skin toneAloe Vera - Soothes and restores skin elasticity - fights signs of aging and calms rednessCoconut Oil - an intensive moisturizer that also acts to lock moisture into the skin.Vitamin E  A powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin. Applied topically may help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicalsLavender Water  from @loveleighlavender - A mood boosting and calming aromatic experience that also acts as a hydrating antioxidant for the skinA signature blend of essential oils that include uplifting Lemon, Calming Lavender, Sensual Vanilla and more. That’s it! You know the drill, you’ll never find any additives, fragrance oil, or hard to understand ingredients in our products ❤️

8oz Body Moisturizer Spray


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