What is the definition of an “Aura Home”? It’s one that’s full of love, laughter, lovely scents and lots of candle light. It’s a home full of items and products that serve you well, nourishing your body, mind and soul. It’s a home that’s safe for your babies, animals and friends, without chemicals in the air or on your body.


What’s Included?

♡ 10oz Whiskey Glass Candle ($38)

♡ 16oz Luxury Spray ($32)

♡ Vanilla+Citrus Dish Soap ($29)

♡ Foaming Hand Wash

♡ 16oz Multipurpose Cleaner ($32)

♡ Mala Bamboo Dish Brush

♡ Grey Concrete Soap Dish


TOTAL VALUE: $204.00


Deluxe Aura|Home

C$204.00 Regular Price
C$189.00Sale Price
Whiskey Glass Candle Scent
Luxury Spray Scent
Hand Wash Colour

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